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Permanent Makeup

permanent makeup eyeliner, microblading by jacqui in thunder bay ontario
Permanent Makeup (PMU) is specialized cosmetic tattooing and is commonly referred to as Micropigmentaion, Microblading and Brow Embroidery.  This specialized process uses sterile hypoallergenic cosmetic pigments that are placed into the dermal layer of the skin using single use individual disposable sterile needles.  PMU is not the same process as in conventional tattoos, PMU pigments fade over time, unlike conventional tattoos and is considered semi-permanent.
The most obvious benefit of permanent makeup is that it can simply save you time.  Busy moms, working moms and just about anyone with a packed schedule can save several minutes out of their morning routine everyday,   and you never have to worry about your makeup smudging or fading.  Permanent makeup won't come off after swimming, exercising, or excessive sweating.  Other reasons, beyond the timesaving benefits, are makeup application concerns for people with physical disabilities, impaired motor skills, poor eyesight, makeup allergies and Alopecia.  All solutions made possible with semi-permanet makeup.
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